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Our custom made roller shades are used by colleges and universities for a variety of facilities such as residence halls, classrooms, libraries, and offices. Our sales team and network of dealers have years of experience working with facilities personnel and designers to aid in selecting the best shades for their needs.

Roller Shades

Our spring roller shades are custom made here in our factory, and are most commonly used in residence halls.  The cordless operation and ease of installation makes them the most popular and economical option for campus housing. Spring Roller Shade Guide

Our custom made clutch roller shades (chain operated) are premium quality and used throughout campus buildings. We offer a large selection of both vinyl blackout and solar screen fabrics to meet the needs of any facility. Clutch Roller Shade Guide


Superglass Matte is the most commonly used fabric due to its 100% light-blocking feature and durability. It is a 4-ply, 12 oz. fiberglass coated vinyl, and is available in many colors including White, Ivory, Gray, Champagne, Green, and more.

We offer a large selection of sun control screen fabrics in many colors ranging from 1% to 15% openness factors. These are commonly used in areas such as classrooms and libraries to minimize the effects of the sun while maintaining adequate outward visibility.

All of these fabrics are compliant with all federal spec and fire safety codes including CCC-C-521E and NFPA 701.

Housing Authorities

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We are a leading supplier of window covering products to housing authorities throughout the country. We work on contract terms as well as order-to-order basis to accommodate the needs of all housing authorities both large and small. Our contract team has years of experience working with both maintenance personnel and procurement specialists. We take pride in servicing the public housing market and providing our customers with the best products, prices, and customer service. Contact us for references.

Product Guide

Custom Spring Roller Shades – Made in USA

Roller Types: Cardboard (convolute), Wood, Adjustable Steel, Fixed Steel    Roller details

Fabrics: The following fabrics are the most popularly used by housing authorities

  • Galaxy: 6 Gauge, Room Darkening, linen emboss. Colors: White, Ivory
  • Linen: 6 Gauge, Light Filtering, linen emboss. Colors: White, Champagne
  • Sunguard: 8 Gauge, Room Darkening, smooth texture. Colors: White, Champagne
  • Complete List of Roller Shade Fabric Options


Economy Spring Roller Shades

  • Jupiter: 4 Gauge Vinyl, Room Darkening, linen emboss, Convolute Roller. Colors: White, Ivory
  • Venus: 4 Gauge Vinyl, Light Filtering, linen emboss, Convolute Roller. Colors: White, Ivory


Perfect-Fit Spring Roller Shades

  • These shades are designed to be adjusted on site. The vinyl is mounted on a telescoping adjustable steel roller and can be trimmed to any width easily by hand. The shade is an 8 gauge vinyl, room darkener, available in both white and ivory.


Vinyl Mini-Blinds

We stock a full line of 1″ vinyl mini-blinds in our facility. Mini-Blinds are widely used by housing authorities due to their light control capabilities and value. We carry a full range of widths in both 64″ and 72″ lengths. Click here for mini-blind size guide

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Our roller shades are used in school districts throughout the country and are custom made to meet the requirements of any school. Both spring roller and clutch operated shades prove to be popular options and our wide selection of fabrics ranges from blackout to solar screen materials.

In addition to finished shades, we can supply the components and fabrics for shade assembly and repair. These parts are kept in stock and ready to ship out quickly. Popular products used by schools include:

  • Fiberglass Coated Vinyl Fabric (Sold by the Yard)
  • Wood & Steel Spring Rollers
  • Wood & Aluminum Slats
  • Aluminum Rollers for Clutch Shades
  • Clutch Components, Chains/Cords
  • All Brackets and Mounting Hardware

As always, safety remains a top priority in the window coverings industry. We supply schools with custom-sized blackout roller shades to cover exterior, interior and classroom door windows. Shades can be made as small as 9 inches wide to accommodate even the smallest window. During an emergency it is important that visibility into the school building and classrooms can be blocked.

Apartment Supply

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We supply property owners and managers with a full range of window shade options. Our variety of roller shades and mini-blinds are used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. We manufacture basic economy options as well as premium decorative window treatments in order to suit any budget.

Spring roller shades are the best option when it come to child safety due to their cordless operation. They can be made with any of our basic or decorative fabrics to fit any decor.

Our customer service department can assist in selecting the right product.